Oh, and Pouches Too

I just love clearance bins at gadget stores.

Of course most of the stuff in there I don't need, nor could ever use. But one of my regular treasure finds are pouches and cases. I've collected a whole box of them at my studio.

Why the love affair with pouches?

There's a logical side to it. For example, I just posted Create Your Own Modular Camera Bag System on The Digital Story.  And my random collection of pouches comes in very handy for this approach.

But there's an emotional aspect too. I like the idea of having my world organized into identifiable containers - even if it's only my camera gear. 

These days, keeping up and staying organized is a big challenge in my working life. Things move fast. I can spend an hour getting it together at night, only to have it disheveled again by noon the next day.

They don't make pouches for clients and coworkers. But they do for camera gear.

And that's why I can't walk by a clearance bin without digging around.