First Day of Filming

The film crew will be here shortly.

We're recording a new title for that features techniques for photographing high school senior portraits. I'm going to cover equipment, posing, lighting, and even the business angles.

What's fun about this title for me, is that we're filming in Sonoma County. So you'll see shots of my studio and some of my favorite locations for portraiture. It also means I get to go home after a long day of work.

We'll begin today by sitting around the conference table in the studio and going over the storyboard. We'll discuss the different scenes and how we want to approach them. The producer will make notes, and together we'll craft the best title possible.

Then, in the afternoon, we begin shooting. The first few scenes are always the toughest for me. After that, I'm in the flow and it all becomes very natural. 

I'll keep you posted and publish some behind the scenes stuff on Instagram and Facebook.

But right now, I better go get my voice in shape...