Day 2 of Shooting Senior Portraits

We had a day off from shooting yesterday, and today we're back at it.

The focus of our work today is interior portraiture. I'm going to show how to set up a portable studio in just about any space... as long as you have 10-12 feet in both directions.

Then we're going to photograph two high school students. For them, this will be an actual senior portrait shoot. The difference of course, is that there will be a film crew there capturing it all.

One of the segments that I'm looking forward to is where I sit down with the young man, his name is Zach, and we talk about this whole process. I'm going to say things like, "As a photographer, here's what I'm thinking as we start this photo shoot. What kind of things are going through your head?"

I don't know what Zach is going to say. And chances are good that his responses might be different than what I, or the viewing audience, anticipates. And that's why I'm looking forward to that segment.

After we're done filming today, I'm going to take the kids to the Warriors game tonight. They play the Nets, and it should be a good game.

Yeah, it's going to be a long day. And we're filming tomorrow too.

I'll catch up on my sleep next week.