Try Again

Much of what I do fails.

Over the years, I've learned this is the nature of work. I have ideas; others have theirs. I filter out the best, give them a go, and see what happens. I'm blown away by how many don't pan out.

So I try again.

It's interesting that I'm thinking about this at the start of the Olympics. Every one of those athletes who marched out on to the world stage has failed. Many times.

Ultimately, a few triumph. Everyone else tries again.

This is the process of almost everything we do. We should be comfortable with it. But the need to produce results adds pressure, and it often gets in the way.

We all have our theories about the source of this pressure. Technology is to blame. People are greedy. My boss is an idiot. But these are interchangeable parts. If your boss gets transferred, another idiot will surface somewhere else.

Even though I'm saying this to me, I thought you might want to hear it too. Setbacks are built in to the system. They're the building blocks of success.

I'm sure you had at least one crappy day this week. I did too.

Go home, hug your kids, kiss your partner, pet the cat, sleep it off. Then tomorrow, try again.

That's how we succeed.