The Really Big Show

50 years ago today, Ed Sullivan introduced America to the best rock band of all time.

I've been watching the celebration, and more importantly, listening to it, on CBS as the Grammys present a tribute to the Beatles.

I was six years old when the Big Show aired. I had no idea of the moments that lie ahead. I learned to play the guitar.  I played bass in a band called Section 8. I was there when Steve Jobs introduced the iPod to the world. I gave Stewart Copeland a PowerBook with GarageBand on it. I enjoy music every day. 

Watching Ringo and Paul singing together on stage tonight made me smile. Along with George and John, they created such a beautiful thing. Ripples in a pond that still shimmer today.

If you've ever wondered why the Nimble Photographer has a bounce in his step. Now you know why.

Feb. 9, 1964