The Long Drive

I think it's crazy that I can drive 450 miles in roughly the same amount of time I can fly there.

But it's true.

Air travel being what it is these days, I have to drive 90 minutes to the big city airport because my local landing strip doesn't service my destination. Then I have to be at the airport 90 minutes early to deal with shuttles, security, and standing in line.

I'm at the 3 hour mark, and I haven't even boarded the plane yet.

Once I'm on the plane, there's no guarantee that it's actually going to take off. Seems like the smaller aircraft have more challenges in this area. I usually factor in another hour.

The flight itself is only 90 minutes. We land. I'm now at the 5.5 hour mark.

Next the rental car. There goes another 30-60 minutes. And finally, the 1 hour drive to my final destination.

If everything goes relatively OK, I can be there in 7-7.5 hours.

In my car, I can make the drive to Southern CA in 7-7.5 hours.

I can put as much gear as I want in the trunk. I don't have anyone telling me what to do. I can take pictures along the way. I can eat real food. And I don't have to sit next to someone with a contagious disease.

Yes, it's a long drive.

It's worth it.