The Magic Lens

Many photographers want perfection.

Perfect exposure, spot-on color, exquisite detail - and some want these attributes under all conditions, at all times, and with equipment that weighs very little.

The problem isn't their desire to defy the laws of physics. Science is science, and there will always be tradeoffs in photography. 

The issue is striving for perfection instead of emotion. Great photographs make you feel something. At the moment you're lost in an image, you don't care about resolution, aperture, or ISO. (On the other hand, you can look at an picture with perfect edge-to-edge sharpness and not give a damn.)

You can't buy the magic lens that renders perfect images. You already have it. It is your vision connected to your heart.

What I desire in cameras are tools that make me want to take photographs. I want to carry them with me, pull them out of my bag, and hold them in my hands. At that point, I'm already feeling something.

Then all I have to do is raise my eyes to the world.

And find a subject that touches me.