City Day

I'm ready to head to San Francisco for a day of meetings.

In my opinion, SF is one of the friendliest cities for Nimble Photographers. Yes, I do have to drive the hour south and go across the majestic Golden Gate Bridge on the north end of town. But after that, I park my car and am on foot, riding BART, or catching a cab for the remainder of the day.

I love not having to drive. Personally, I think navigating a car in a congested metropolis is a waste of time, money, and patience. Save that task for the cabbies.

When I'm on foot with my Urban Reporter messenger bag slung across my shoulders, I feel like I have all of my options available. I can stop for a coffee. Take a picture. Grab a bite to eat. People watch. Walk to my next meeting. Do nothing.

When driving in the city, I basically only have the last option. Although I do manage a little people watching too.

So it's time to put on a good pair of shoes, don my sunglasses, and head to the big city.

I'll post a shot or two on Instagram.