Accessorize for Passion

Years ago, a peer remarked to me, "the basic outfit is nice, but you should focus more on accessories."

She was talking about my wardrobe.

It's true that a stylish belt, contemporary watch, or handsome pair of shoes can transform jeans and a black shirt into business meeting attire. Accessories can also spruce up your photo kit (which is what I thought she was talking about in the first place.)

If you have a camera you like, but don't feel that you're shooting with it enough, accessorize.

I've noticed that a new case, strap, filter, lens hood, or heaven for bid, optic, reignites the embers of shooting passion and gets that estranged camera back in my hands.

As for my wardrobe: I was going to buy these great looking Italian shoes.

But, you see, there was this lens...