Two New Very Good Mobile Options

It's been a great week for mobile photographers.

First Adobe announced Lightroom Mobile. There are pros and cons around their choice for cloud syncing, but the fact of the matter is, Lightroom users now have a powerful version of Lightroom for their iPads.

Then Dropbox dropped Carousel on us. Again, some concern about how much this will actually cost heavy users. But if you're already a fan of Dropbox, you now have a terrific app to organize, view, and share all of the photos stashed in various folders.

Personally, I'm excited about both of these announcements. After initial testing, Lightroom Mobile and Carousel by Dropbox both performed well. Lots of thought and effort was poured in to these apps.

I'll be covering them both on Tuesday's TDS Podcast. It will be an informative and illuminating show. As a photographer, I'm quite pleased right now.

I wish we had more weeks like this.