It's Different When You Work for Yourself

I hear stories all the time of people missing work for trivial reasons.

I don't have a judgment about these workers because I wasn't there. Often there's more to a story than people realize. But I do know it's different when you work for yourself, especially if you plan on staying in business.

I'm in Carpinteria recording for That's this week's day job. It's a great opportunity. On top of that, at night and early in the morning, I'm tending to my normal responsibilities that include publishing and taking care of clients. 

The kicker is, I would love to take this week off - or even a day or two. My right arm is still immobilized in a sling, and I left a house of runny noses with a sore throat and a head full of glue.

My mindset in these situations is to get through today. When tomorrow comes, get through it too. And just keep doing that until things get easier. Step by step, the work gets done.

Are self-employed people tougher? Not necessarily. It's really a matter of understanding the situation.

Then meeting it head on.