Crazy Intuition

Yesterday was unbelievable, and beyond just the news.

Yes, Apple officially announced that they would no longer be developing Aperture. That's a headline that certainly impacts me, and many in our community. But it's the way that it all unfolded that amazes me.

I woke up around 4 am. This has been my normal waking time since returning from London a few days ago. I stayed in bed for a bit thinking about the day ahead. I call this my checklist exercise.

Out of nowhere, two ideas came to me. First, I need to check-in with my contact at Apple. Don't know why; it's just time to do so. Second, I should write a note to my partner at to start a discussion about the new Photos app that will be landing in early 2015. I'd been thinking about it since the WWDC keynote.

About 5 am, I wrote Jim at lynda saying that I'm excited about Photos and that I'd love to do some training on it. I mentioned that I'm going to call Apple later this morning to get the ball rolling. I asked, "Do you want to be in on this?"

Jim replied shortly thereafter, "Yes!"

Around 9am I called Apple. No answer, so I left a voicemail saying that I'd like to chat about photography. About 30 minutes later, I received a call from Apple PR. (Apple PR is the official voice and the safest way for everyone to communicate.)

"We have some background information for you and an official statement."

"Oh, OK."

"There will be no new development of Aperture."

"Oh. Looks like I should get a piece ready for Monday."

"You're probably going to want to post earlier than that."


I quickly published the official statement on The Digital Story, then sent a note to Jim at lynda. The rest of the day was consumed with news around Aperture and iPhoto merging into the new Photos app. Friday is normally a slow news day. Not this week.

Hours earlier, at 4 am, I was simply collecting ideas for the day's ToDo list. I really had no measure of their weight. Consciously, I was totally clueless about the day ahead. Subconsciously? Who knows?

Crazy intuition.