Board Shorts

Packing for Hawaii is the easiest job in the world.

I've had some complicated trips lately. My upcoming adventure to Maui won't be one of them. 

Three pairs of board shorts, 6 T-shirts, 2 button-up colorful Hawaiian shirts, 1 pair of long pants for the obligatory night out at a real restaurant, sun block, aloe, cap, shades, flippers, mask, and snorkel. It the only destination I know of where underwear is optional. (Seriously, who wears boxers in Hawaii?)

Even my technical gear is easier. No laptop. iPad mini, underwater compact camera, mirrorless camera, iPhone, headphones, and lots of music. 

I'll probably spend more time in the pool this year than the ocean. I'm looking forward to further mending my dislocated shoulder. Water seems like the perfect solution.

While in Maui, I'll be posting pictures and sharing anecdotes. But there won't be many travel tips this time around. In fact, there's only one travel tip I can think of: Whatever you do...

Don't miss the plane.