Packing and repacking

My first attempt for a carry-on bag weighed 21 pounds.

Nimble indeed.

I figured that the bag was just too big, allowing me too much space to put stuff. Yes, it's going to be a long flight–from San Francisco to London–but I'm going to have to trust some items to my checked luggage. So I unpacked the bag, dug around in the closet for something smaller, and tried again.

My second attempt went much better. I paired down my camera kit, stashed the hard drives and extra batteries in my checked suitcase, and decided that some items just weren't required for this trip. This time the scale landed on 13 pounds. I could live with that.

For me, every trip is a trip of a lifetime. Wonderful things happen just as easily in San Antonio Texas as they do in Dublin Ireland. And regardless of where I am, I want to be able to capture any memorable moments that come my way.

But I have to keep in mind that I have a dislocated shoulder on the mend, many miles of exploring ahead, and I don't want to be so tired that I get lazy when it's time to be an artist.

So I'm going to limit myself to two Micro 4/3 camera bodies, four light lenses, a flash, and a handful of accessories. If I can't do it with this kit, then I'm not the photographer that I think I am.

Because I am working, I do have to bring my laptop. Otherwise, I could go with just the iPad mini. But I'll tell you one thing, when I hit the streets of Glascow Scotland, there won't be the MacBook Pro in my bag.

I'll take what I need to get the job done. I am a professional. But when I'm on my time...

I'm the nimble photographer.