Insatiable Instagram

I'm not 22 years old with a curvy figure and long, flowing hair.

And yet, I'm still having a blast sharing my photos on Instagram. Over the last two years, the ritual of finding an image for my daily post has made me a better photographer. And to be honest, I'm having more fun than ever.

I've tried to figure out what the hook is. The more I think about it, the more Instagram reminds me of photography as an 12-year old kid with an Instamatic. I would shoot anything that looked interesting: friends, pets, home, vacation, cars, bikes, toys, food, family - everything was fair game.

Then photography got serious. It had to have meaning.

Those were probably my worst images. They were analogous to adolescent poetry, feigning profundity, yet transparently superficial.


Let's, instead, take a picture of the cat chasing its tail. Now that's life. And that's the joy that Instagram has returned to my images. Not only can I shoot and share anything I want, so can everyone else.

My Instagram page ranges from alcoholic beverages, to silly signs, to colorful sunsets, to yes, my cat. No apologies for any of it.

And when it's time for serious photography (these days thankfully the paying kind with clients), I feel more creative, spontaneous, and yes... free.

You won't see many selfies on my page. Quite honestly, I'm a bit too old for that. But you'll see practically everything else.

And that's why I just can't get enough of it.