Taking the Picture Is the Easiest Part

What a life! Just taking pictures all day. Doesn't everyone want to be a photographer?

That's true if you don't need money. But if you want to be paid for your work, photography isn't that much different than any other business.

For example, here are the highlights from my current ToDo list for a corporate project:

  • Schedule meetings to define parameters and responsibilities
  • Negotiate agreements for the different aspects of the project
  • Corral approvals for the desired locations and find out the requirements
  • Apply for permits and request liability insurance endorsements for each
  • Assemble production team, define their responsibilities and negotiate pay
  • Collect signed W4 forms from each team member
  • Coordinate schedules for shooting locations, participants, client, and production team
  • Prepare and test equipment used for the project
  • Organize model releases and shot lists
  • Find props, purchase snacks, and approve wardrobe
  • Secure backup locations for each shoot
  • Figure out what you've forgotten to do, then do it at the last minute

And when everything is in place, take the picture.

I like the last step best.