The First Roll Back

It's been over a week since I dropped off the first roll of film at Jeremiah's Photo Corner. It was ready for pickup Thursday afternoon. I finally had some time today to go get it.

There were two items inside the plastic bag that was handed to me. The first was what looked like a small takeout box from a Chinese restaurant. It would hold a couple of leftover pot stickers at most. Inside the opened flaps were the processed negatives, glassine-wrapped and uncut.

The second item was an unmarked, white CD accompanied by a mini contact sheet. These were the scans from the film. I had requested large Tiffs without color adjustments. The files measured 3088 x 2048 pixels.

Once I got back to the studio, I had to dig up an external optical drive so I could access the scans. The images looked better than I had hoped. They displayed the film quality that I was counting on, but were fairly accurate in their color rendering. Not bad for 35mm spools that had expired in 2007.

I liked the indoor existing light shots better than the stuff I had captured outside. This is the direction I'm going to pursue. The shot of Dibs keeping me company at the computer is a great example. The mixed lighting is rendered naturally, the contrasts are very film like, and the subtle gain is wonderful.

The Contax T2 has a maximum aperture of f/2.8. I have a feeling that I'm going to be spending a lot of time right there.


PS: If you don't know about The Film Project, here's how it all got started.