Gingerly Through the Holidays

We have enough on our minds right now.

There are more things to do than hours to accommodate them. You think you're hanging tough. Then you wake up one morning, and it's the last week of December.

It's easy to be light in July. I don't even wear shoes most of the time. But winter, now that's a different matter. It takes time to waterproof, scrape the windshields, and let the car warm up. Things break, like the household furnace. 

Simplifying your life in general, and your gear specifically, can mean the difference between controlled chaos and stark raving mad.

I work in a lot of different locations. But I carry one bag that comfortably hangs from my shoulder and contains the tools of my trade. It's like raising children: give them what they need, but not everything they want.

I've said before that traveling light increases one's creativity. Not being tired encourages one to explore further. This time of year, I take that notion one step further.

Being nimble allows you to stride gingerly through the holidays. Don't carry too much on your back, whether it's your equipment or the weight of the world. 

Because nothing is more important than having the energy to hug those you love.

Happy Holidays,