I Feel Like I Can Shoot Anywhere

After Saturday's wonderful adventure at Oracle Arena for Game 1 of the NBA playoffs, I'm more convinced than ever that nimble photography is the best approach for events - at least for me. It's just so darn painless.

I entered Oracle Arena the standard way through security. I was carrying my Walking Man Shoulder Bag that contained the Olympus E-M10 with a Panasonic 20mm pancake mounted and ready for action. The guard opened my messenger bag, looked at the petite camera, and waved me through... as he should have. It's well within Oracle regulations.

I also packed the Olympus 45mm f/1.8 prime, again legal for NBA action and shot with it during the game using the 2X digital zoom function (giving me an effective 180mm f/1.8 prime lens). That's all I had: one camera, two lenses.

As I explored Oracle before the game shooting candids of the fans, people were not bothered in the least by my photography. I kept the camera around chest level using the LCD screen for composition. So I wasn't pointing it directly in anyone's face, causing that uncomfortable feeling that results from someone lining you up in their sights.

I was just another fan (which I am) in a Warrior's T-Shirt taking photos before a big game. Just like everyone else shooting with their Samsungs and iPhones. The difference being, I had a quality sensor, great glass, and a much more artistic look to my images.

Afterwards, I was reminded again at just how fun nimble photography is. I travel light, capture great shots, and am not a nuisance to others. Does it get any better for a street shooter?

This coming weekend I'm leading the San Francisco Street Shooting Workshop. Not everyone there will embrace my extreme nimbleosity. But that's OK. Those who do, will enjoy a stimulating, picture-filled weekend without tired shoulders and aching back. They will feel great.

I've never enjoyed photography more than I do now. And for a seasoned veteran such as myself, that's saying something.