Why I Didn't Buy an Apple Watch Today

I wasn't online last night shopping for an Apple Watch. It's rare that I pass on a new tech product designed by Jony Ive.  But to be honest, I'm not really that interested in it. I like my existing chronograph with leather band.

The Apple I fell in love with focused on desktop publishing, photography, and filmmaking. I thought Think Different was brilliant, even though personally, I preferred Think Differently. 

The tools they designed helped me become a better artist and an entrepreneur. Actually, I'm not sure what I'd be doing  today if it weren't for Steve Jobs.

But the Apple Watch is a departure from all of that. A $500 timepiece for the wrist is a fashion item. In my world, that's an accessory.

On the other hand, the iPhone is a necessity. And based on what we might see with the new camera in the 6S, it may become even more important to my work than it is already.

So I won't be writing any articles about the latest product from Apple.

That is, until later this year.