Pimp My Ride

Some guys like cars, others like cameras. (OK, well I love cars too, but you get my point.) And during the last week, I've been souping-up my E-M5 Mark II.

I started with a few stock accessories. First, I added the HLD-8G External Grip that looks sharp and provides more stability. Plus I gain an headphone jack to monitor the audio.

Then I switched optics to my all-time favorite, the silver M.ZUIKO Digital 17mm f/1.8 lens with metal lens cap. It's the closest thing to a chrome bumper that you can get for a camera. And to protect that beautiful glass, I added the Hoya 46mm EVO Antistatic Protector Filter that has 16-layer super multi-coating.

For the finishing touch (and after much searching), I scored the Gariz Genuine Leather XS-WB1 Camera Hand Strap for Mirrorless that looks absolutely sharp and feels great. And just to be on the safe side, I added a 3" screen protector for the articulated LCD. Nobody wants an unforeseen scratch to mar the glossy sheen of their viewing screen.

If you want to see what this all looks like, I've posted a shot of the E-M5 Mark II on my Flickr page.

When it comes to obsessive, photographers can hold their own with anyone.

And that especially applies to me.