Writer Ben Long - "Jump Ship"

Ben Long authored the wildly popular tech book, Complete Digital Photography, which is now in its 9th edition. When I first met Ben years ago, he was making an excellent living as a writer, that is, until the crash of 2008 when he suddenly found himself without any new prospects. What followed was a period of reinvention that led him to where he stands today.

In this episode, Ben talks about how he woke up one morning to no writing prospects, and had to jump ship from his current livelihood to different creative endeavors, and how the sailing wasn’t always smooth, but he’s still afloat.

Welcome to the Nimble Photographer podcast, hosted by me, Derrick Story. My quest is to find artists who have created their own definition of success. Yes, finances play a role in all of our lives, but are they the only measure? And how can you put a price on the experiences along the way?

Today, we travel to San Francisco to learn from Ben Long. Thanks for joining us.

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