Photographer Shelby Knick - "From Outside the Fence to In"

The thrill and personality of motor sports attracted Shelby Knick’s creative vision. As a young woman, she found herself photographing the sport from outside the fence. But her perseverance and talent paid off, propelling her into the top tier of the profession she loves.


Her journey began at a Northern CA Junior College, then led her to London’s fashion industry, then back across the pond to Los Angeles where she got her first big break as a photographer. Her story is both inspiring and informative, and best told in her own words. Here’s my conversation with Shelby Knick

A big thanks to Shelby for joining us this week. You can learn more about her by visiting

And hats off to Kelli Richards, our talent producer for making the connection.

I’ll be back next time with another artist and the thoughts behind their creations. Until then, this is Derrick Story, the Nimble Photographer, wishing you great success in all your endeavors.

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Photographer Trey Ratcliff - "Mix It Up"

Trey Ratcliff is best known for his vibrant landscapes. But he’s also a student of human nature. His photography business is fueled by combining compelling landscapes, with daring post production, and adding a dash of insightful marketing.

On today’s show, Trey shares some of thinking behind this approach. The lessons that he’s learned may help your creative endeavors as well.

Welcome to the Nimble Photographer podcast, hosted by me, Derrick Story. My quest is to find artists who have created their own definition of success. Yes, finances play a role in all of our lives, but are they the only measure? And how can you put a price on the experiences along the way?

Today, we travel to New Zealand via Skype to hear what Trey has to say. Thanks for coming along.


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